Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Eagles Are Flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eagle arrives to do a VERY SPECIAL DELIVERY to the Save A Sato Shelter in San Juan!
The cages are waiting! Thank you Tracey for buying them, Erich for spending 2 hours retaping them for shipment and Morgan's Swabie for driving to MA to get them!

The Eagle (Chris) Checks the boxes!

The Eagle (Chris) loads the cages!

The Eagle (Chris) loads the last cage! They are heavy - he is a strong Eagle!

Four Huge Cages all ready!

The Eagle is all set to go!

One last wave to say - Get there Quick and Get there Safe!

They are heading out!

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! The cages are on their way to Save A Sato and the puppys in Puerto Rico!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to make this Dream of New Cages a Reality!
Thank you to Koda & Prince for making us all fall in love with you, and create this Auction to help you!
Thank you to PATTY for adopting both of the boys and for donating the money we raised to help the kittens to buy the cages instead. Huge Hugs!
Thank you to EVERYONE who supported my suggestion of using the money to help buy cages when I asked!
Thank you to EVERYONE who donated items, and to everyone who bid on them. .
Thank you to Tracey who went to Pet Edge 3 times in one week to look for sales on the cages and got us an incredible deal on them.
These cages will be in memory of a very special Sato puppy named Shanny. She is the little girl with the black face in the picture.
Shanny became very sick and passed to the Rainbow Bridge, but her memory will always be in our hearts.
More pictures will be posted when the cages arrive at the shelter,and I'll also post the totals of the money raised and how it was spent.
Purrs and Somersaults in Happiness
PS - Does everyone know I am the only Gato to have spent a week at the shelter with Aunt Gloria?


  1. Cant wait to hear of the reactions when the New cages arrived, Smiles n hugs, Lyn n Alfie

  2. How exciting!
    What a nice thing to do for those puppies =)